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About Voice of The Child

A community initiative launched by ECA to set up a consultative group bringing together some of Abu Dhabi’s parents. It aims to constantly enhance interaction with the community, enable them to gain a better understanding of ECD-related topics, as well as listen to challenges they face, and ensure the voice of every child in Abu Dhabi is heard.
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  • Better understand needs and challenges facing Abu Dhabi’s parents, children.
  • Recognize views and suggestions of the panel members regarding ECA’s initiatives.
  • Recognize views of community members in different regions of Abu Dhabi
  • Boost members’ role in raising public awareness about early childhood development as ECA’s ambassadors.
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Panel Members

  • The consultative group will consist of 12 eligible parents residing in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (parents from each of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra), The council is a 2 year cycle and is voluntary based.
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Identified Engagements

  • Attend quarterly meeting, with prepped material
  • Volunteer to test any give feedback on any new ECA initiatives – 4 per year maximum
  • Content review/Engagement on our ongoing projects
  • Ad-hoc requests – as needed
  • Propose solutions and thoughts on various topics discussed during the group meetings
  • Raise public awareness about the importance of early childhood development
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Criteria to ensure versatile representation

  • Different levels of Education
  • Different family sizes
  • Different socio-economic statuses
  • Gender mix (50% male, 50% female)
  • Half of members are nationals and the other half are expatriates including Arab and Non Arab
  • Minimum one parent of children of determination
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Selection Criteria

Selecting the group members will be based on the following criteria
  • Parents of children 0-8
  • Live in UAE for 2+ years
  • Meet pre-set criteria
  • Acceptance of ECA’s terms and conditions (NDA + security clearance required)
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Parent Recognition

  • Parents participating in panel are to be considered “ECA ambassadors”
  • Parents receive a certificate for participation.
  • Publish member profiles on ECA website ( parents’ platform)
  • Include them in an annual recognition celebration.
Note: Your Participation in this panel is voluntary.


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Assad Sheraz

I’m Assad Sheraz from Pakistan. I have done bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering, Master’s in Petroleum Engineering, and currently pursuing M.Sc. Business Analytics in Big Data Management at the Abu Dhabi School of Management.

I have 15 years of experience in Drilling Oil & Gas Wells. I am currently employed as a Senior Drilling Engineer at ADNOC Drilling and have lived in Abu Dhabi since February 2020. From 2013 to 2016, I also worked and lived in Dubai.

I am the father of a 9-year-old boy and a 6-year-old girl who have experienced the first time change of school, country, and surroundings after moving directly from their native country, that too during pandemic.

I have experienced the difficulties that my son has had during this difficult relocation, and as a family, we have grown resilient to meet this challenge. I am glad to be a part of ECA and to be able to share what I have learned during this difficult period.

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Dima ElDibs

My name is Dima Eldebes, I am from Jordan and I was born and raised in UAE. I have a bachelor degree of Chemical Engineering from American University of Sharjah and I am the owner and founder of “Royal Homes Ironmongery Supplies L.L.C” that is specialized in door hardware accessories in Abu Dhabi.

Furthermore, I am a mother of two wonderful kids, Maher who is 6 years old and Mariam who is 8 years old, Alhamdulillah. My interests are to develop my kid’s potentials which encouraged me to register with Ministry of education in their teaching program and to volunteer in teaching grade 12 students “EMSAT”.

Also, I love to spend fun time with my kids so we can go on thrilled rides together in YAS parks! Moreover, I love to learn and memorize Quran and to play sports 4-5 times weekly.

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Nada Al Awadhi

Nada in simple words can be described as a purpose-driven enthusiast who quit her high-paying profession as an engineer to cultivate reading habits in children. In an age that’s ruled by screens, the internet, and virtual lifestyles for both adults and children alike, she strongly feels that reading habits developed early go a long way in nurturing confident leaders that think.

Nada’s unpretentious demeanor and zeal for quality reading paved the way for the region’s only bilingual book subscription for children, The Bookshelf. With a range of quality content that instills values, ignites the imagination, and helps children acquire knowledge; Nada keeps herself in charge of selecting age-specific titles for her little subscribers. Being a mother herself to two wonderful kids, she is a hands-on game changer who’s reinstating the book-reading culture to strengthen the parent-child bond. It is a movement she believes, as children deserve a book-rich environment to help them become confident, strong-willed, and curious individuals.

Nada, a post-graduate engineer in Electricals from Khalifa University started her career in ADNOC and then moved to Siemens where she worked in various roles that led to being a Product Lifecycle Manager when she decided to quit and start The Bookshelf in March 2021.

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Farah Isa

Meet Farah, Isa, a dedicated and passionate member of the VOC panel. As a Nursery Director with over 12 years’ experience, she channels her expertise and enthusiasm towards advocating for Early Years Learning and the betterment of future generations. Farah, a proud mother of three incredible children aged 9, 7, and 3, brings her first-hand experience as a parent into her work.

Farah’s journey in the Early Education Field began in 2007, despite her background in Business Administration. Her determination to make a positive impact in the lives of young children led her to pursue a Certificate in Early Education Leadership (CEEL) from the prestigious Harvard Graduate School of Education. Armed with a unique blend of business acumen and specialized knowledge in early education, Farah strives to create an environment that nurtures children’s growth and development.

Recognizing the critical role that early education plays in shaping individuals and society, Farah firmly believes that the foundation for change starts with investing in children’s early years. She is delighted to witness the increasing recognition and attention this field receives, as it validates her long-held belief in its importance.

As a fierce advocate for children’s rights, Farah is committed to ensuring that every child receives equal opportunities and support. Through her work, she strives to promote policies and initiatives that prioritize the well-being and development of children, empowering them to reach their full potential. With her unwavering dedication and unwavering support for the early education sector, Farah is a proud member of the VOC panel and a driving force behind positive change.

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Uzma Akser

Uzma akser

Uzma Akser is a dedicated mother who has been on a personal journey with her son, navigating the challenges of autism and finding moments of breakthrough and triumph. As a home educator, she has been able to provide her son with the personalized attention and support he needs to thrive. Uzma’s passion for advocating for people of determination was ignited through her own experiences and the challenges she faced. In order to share her expertise and experience with other families, she set up a business.

Overall, Uzma’s dedication to her family, her passion for advocacy, and her commitment to sharing her knowledge and experience with others make her a valuable resource for families and individuals affected by autism.
Kind regards,

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Mouza Al Dabaa Al Darmaki

I am Mouza Salem Al Dabaa Al Darmaki, a mother of four heroes: Al Dhabi, Saeed, Al Maha and Khalifa Al Muhairi. I am an Emirati entrepreneur, artist, reader, autism specialist, and air traffic controller. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Sciences from the Higher Colleges of Technology, excellent grade, and completed a diploma in early childhood care and education.

I am passionate about science and education. I can realize differences in personalities, feelings, and the ability to learn among children. My kids are my mirror in dissminating knowledge and helping others. In addition, I am dedicated to upbring them adequately.

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Nour Al Huda Al Qaseem

I am Nour Al Huda Al Qaseem. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Sharia and a postgraduate Professional Diploma in Teaching from the Department of Islamic Studies at Al Ain University.

I work as an Islamic education teacher at Future International Academy. I have five children, the oldest one is 16 years old, and the youngest is eight years old, beside a girl with Down Syndrome.

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Mohamed Al Hadrami

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Aisha Al Shamsi

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Abiodun Jaiyeola

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