Human Capital

Introduction to the Human Capital Program

Develop a comprehensive strategy to ensure Abu Dhabi has a high-quality Early Childhood Development workforce with sufficient skills to ensure the effective implementation and delivery of the Emirate’s Early Childhood Development Strategy 2035

What are the motives behind focusing on the Human Capital ecosystem?
  • Knowledge and experience in Early Childhood Development is not consistently required across ECD-related positions
  • Poor societal positioning of ECD-related positions limits top talent applicants
  • Lack of a cohesive education and professional development system for ECD practitioners

Objectives of the Human Capital Program
  • Improve the quality of ECD practitioners in Abu Dhabi by attracting diverse quality talent to ECD, unifying performance standards, and enhancing the knowledge and skills of the current workforce
  • Increase the number of high-quality ECD-related education and professional development opportunities that are available and accessible to practitioners
  • Increase enrolment in ECD-related courses/ college majors/ higher education degrees

Initiatives under the Human Capital Program

Initiative A – Examine the ECD workforce and develop and implement a detailed plan to ensure sufficient human capital to support ECD.

Initiative B – Improve the recruitment, attractiveness, working environment and retention of ECD positions.

Initiative C – Establish policies, standards, and education and training opportunities to ensure a high-quality ECD workforce.

Who are we targeting for the Human Capital Program?

ECD practitioners working with children from 0-8 across the four ECD sectors: Child Protection, Early Childhood Care and Education, Family Support, and Health and Nutrition

What are the outcomes of the Human Capital Program

Higher retention rate for ECD practitioners working in Abu Dhabi across ECD sub-sectors:

  • Coherent and higher quality education and PD offering for ECD practitioners
  • Future policies in Abu Dhabi developed with a strong child focus
  • Expected better availability of high-quality specialized care and services across ECD sub-sectors
  • Improved desirability of ECD-related jobs leading to higher retention and increased participation of nationals in the ECD workforce
How you can contribute to the Human Capital Program

As members of the Abu Dhabi community, ECD practitioners and parents can help and contribute with creative ideas.

We are open to all suggestions from any person or organization willing to support and improve the Early Childhood Development Human Capital ecosystem

Feel free to reach us via the Get In Touch page or our Social Media channels.

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