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In your opinion, what makes parent-friendly workplaces the wave of the future?

As an early childhood educational institute, we can first hand confirm that children with present and proactive parents thrive and grow to be amazing individuals. Family plays a crucial role in development of children and growth of any organization. An working person, with a supportive and loving family thrives at workplace and vice-versa. When a workplace supports the employee as well as their family, the employee feels fulfilled, supported, valued and will be loyal to the organization.

For companies, to thrive, to grow and to maintain profitability, parent-friendly policies will be the key to success. Parent friendly policies lead to high employee engagement, well-being and satisfaction. It will help to attract talent and retain employees, boost productivity and provide gender equality in all sense to the workplace. Fathers and Mothers will have equal opportunity and responsibility to be involved parents and active members of family.