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In your opinion, what makes parent-friendly workplaces the wave of the future?

Employee preference for flexible and hybrid/remote working environments has been on the rise for some time now, even prior to the COVID pandemic. A 2019 study by the International Workplace Group found that 83% of global workers would choose a job which offered flexible working over a job that did not.

Now, in the post-COVID era, parents have experienced the pleasure of spending the majority of their time with their families, instead of with their work colleagues. The meaning and value of family has thus gained new weight amongst working parents.

We are seeing parents look for working environments which allow for a healthy work-life balance as well sufficient time for hands-on parenting. In return, organizations that implement parent-friendly policies enjoy the benefits of having highly engaged and loyal teams, such as better retention rates, job satisfaction and overall morale.

By following parent-friendly practices, organizations truly embed mission statements around Diversity and Inclusion into the company culture, creating an environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds and life stages can thrive.

Personally, we’re thrilled to be part of this evolution of the workplace, which creates a more positive, healthy working environment – one that is a lot more sustainable for the long-term