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A voluntary workplace award program that provides a range of criteria that organizations in the private sector, semi-government and third sector can adopt in order to be recognized by the Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority as a parent-friendly workplace and awarded with a 'Parent-friendly Label’ as a result.
Companies that offer flexibility for working parents, understand the needs of families, welcome back new mothers and fathers actively, go above and beyond the minimum legal requirements for maternity leave and paternity leave. These are some examples of what makes a workplace parent-friendly.
Based on the latest scientific research, this is the most influential period in a child’s life, with the brain’s internal structure reaching 90% of its development by the age of 5 years.
By encouraging parent-friendly workplaces, we can establish a work culture, policies, and ways of working that are compassionate towards working parents of young children ages 0-8. The Label provides an incentive and benefits to these organizations to better their workplaces. This, in turn, will result in a broad social and economic impact for our community, families, and children.
The Criteria
The Label has five categories: Parental Leave, Flexible Work, Family Care, Family Well-being, and Culture.
The criteria and targets were thoroughly developed and validated through a number of key activities: •Gathering research and data from leading global institutions such as UNICEF, the OECD, International Labor Organization, among others. •Reviewing 9 existing single and multi-award programs in family-friendliness globally •Understanding global leading practices from 16 countries, such as the Nordics, as well as global leading organizations. •Collaborating with private sector companies and working closely with experts in the field to cross-check against the UAE context to ensure market needs and conditions were accounted for.
Eligibility and Application Form
Any organization in the private sector, semi-government sector, or third sector with a valid trade license issued in the United Arab Emirates. Take this eligibility test to find out if you’re eligible now!
Check your eligibility by taking our 1-minute eligibility test found here.
Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to discuss your eligibility, please contact us.
Refer to Contact Us for contact details.
Refer to Contact Us for contact details.
No, the application is free of charge.
Yes, all responses and information submitted through the application form, Parent-friendly Experience Survey, through the ECA team, and through the evaluators will remain confidential, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.
When you start your application, you will be prompted for your work e-mail and a onetime password will be sent to that e-mail address. Each time you come back to your application and input your e-mail, you will be sent a one-time password to be able to proceed again with your application.
Yes, all of your responses are automatically saved as you fill out your application. You can return to your application form at any time.
If you have already been awarded the Parent-friendly Label, you will be able to apply for Parent-friendly+ in upcoming cycles.
The evaluator will provide you with feedback and support you with re-applying during the next application cycle, if you choose to do so.
When developing the Parent-friendly Label, we based it on research and local and global benchmarking of several government, semi-government and private organizations. We found that the government sector in the UAE already offers several benefits to working parents of young children. Examples of this include flexible start and end times, paid maternity and paternity leave. However, in the semi-government and private sector, we found several differences in benefits offered. Therefore, one of our objectives through this program is to bridge the gap between what is offered to working parents in all sectors and cultivating a workplace culture that supports them.
Evaluation and Awarding
An evaluation will be conducted to assess whether applicants have met the required criteria or not. This is done by reviewing the submitted evidence, application form, and results of the Parent-friendly Experience Survey.
All applications will be assessed by an independent third party to ensure objectivity and maintain integrity. Following this assessment, a Judging Panel, made up of senior leaders from public institutions in the UAE, will conduct their review and provide their recommendations on the final list of successful applicants.
Evaluator visits can be in-person or conducted remotely.
May 12, 2023
Applications for Cycle 3 are expected to open in Q1 2024. Stay tuned for the announcement of the exact date.
For Cycle 2 winners, the announcement will be in Q4 2023.
Yes, we will notify you directly of the result of your application.
Details will be provided closer to the time.
For 2 years, with a check-in meeting after 1 year to confirm that your organization has maintained its parent-friendly policies.
This is a mandatory part of your application. It is an anonymous survey which you will be asked to circulate to your employees. It will help us understand the experience of your employees and assist us with evaluating your application.
If you were to win the Parent-friendly Label, you will be able to apply it to your offices inside the United Arab Emirates only and recipients will be requested that they highlight this in their communications.
Since its establishment in 2019, the ECA has embarked on its own journey to offer a parent-friendly workplace for its team. Examples of our current parent-friendly practices and facilities include the flexibility to work remotely, a fully equipped private maternity room, and allocated nursing hours to nursing mothers. We also maintain a supportive culture based on trust and empowerment.
All applicants, regardless of the outcome, receive a customized Evaluation Report that includes the outcome of your application, key highlights, areas of opportunity, evaluator observations, evaluator recommendations around areas of opportunity, and the unique innovative practices and initiatives that you implement which stood out to the evaluators.

They also receive a Participation Appreciation Certificate. Label recipients will receive the Parent-friendly Label™ Plaque for display in their offices, a congratulatory letter from the Leadership and be recognized through traditional and social media channels.

All Label earners will also become part of a knowledge-sharing community of like-minded organizations called PFL Connect. PFL Connect consists of knowledge sharing sessions where all Label earners are welcome to come and exchange best practices as well as discuss challenges they are facing whilst also learning from industry professionals.
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