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‘The Future of Work: The Rise of Parent-friendly Workplaces in the UAE’ 

As work and family life landscapes continue to merge and evolve, the United Arab Emirates stands at the forefront of a transformative movement with the rise of parent-friendly workplaces. Our pioneering report, “The Future of Work: The Rise of Parent-Friendly Workplaces in the UAE,” captures a nation’s commitment to fostering a work culture where flexibility, understanding, and support are not just valued—they are the very pillars of organizational success.

This comprehensive 30-page report, based on a global review of trends, complemented by an analysis of the views and practices of nearly 10,000 working parents across 75 organizations, shines a spotlight on how UAE workplaces are changing the Future of Work through parent-friendly policies.

These policies are a keystone in the architecture of a society that values the wellbeing of families, the advancement of children’s development, and the economic prosperity of communities and industries alike.

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