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Vocational training in the early childhood development sector with the support of the Authority's talent.


Volunteering on our projects in our offices alongside our teams in the field of early childhood development.

Full–time Employee

Working with the ECA Team to achieve our vision, objectives and make an impact.

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Life at ECA

We love people who have different experiences and ways of thinking, who are humble in their approach and believe in the power of collaboration. At ECA, we try to do things in an innovative way and as we continue to grow, we want to ensure that the culture we love remains alive and well.

According to a pulse survey we ran in 2022, 93% of the ECA Team are likely to recommend working at ECA to a friend or colleague. Moreover, according to the Great Place to Work Trust Index Employee Survey in 2023, 84% of the ECA Team believe it’s a Great Place to Work.

Our 4 core values are more than just words, they’re a way of life. Review our core values and see if they speak to you. They spell out FACE making it easier to remember!

Focus: We are not about ticking boxes but rather about making lasting impact.

Aspiration: We push ourselves to dream bigger and do what has never been done before.

Creativity: We use ingenuity to spark unique ideas, connect with people and inspire new behaviors.

Empathy: We take time to understand the people of our nation as well as our team.

Our award-winning offices are designed for focused work but also encourage collaboration. Inspired by elements of our childhood and heritage, it’s a modern, welcoming and inclusive space that features ergonomic furniture, a well-equipped Maternity Room, an Imagination Room and a space for our employees’ children.

Below is what we value most as an organization and if you do too, you’re a perfect match for ECA:

  • We respect each other’s opinions, experiences and differences
  • Our meetings are active, engaging and encourage interaction
  • We offer an incredible amount of autonomy and trust. We leave it to you to figure out how to balance your workload, deliver quality on time and remain productive
  • We snack healthy as a team, encourage chair-based yoga and mental breaks
  • We have banned work-related communications during non-working hours and on weekends, unless it is urgent, and our Fridays are meeting-free days
  • We try to strike a balance between the interests and growth of the individual and the organization’s needs
  • We encourage our teams to make use of their leave days – because we know that taking a break to experience new things can spark the imagination
  • We encourage the spirit of “One Team” through rituals such as Discovery Days and quarterly team gatherings
  • We’re all about open workspaces that encourage focused work, but we also have quiet spaces for reflection and collaborative spaces for ideation

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