Your little one’s socialization

One of the most important skills that children develop is interacting with their peers. Interacting with others and even making friends will allow your little one to explore the world, feel supported and practice fundamental social skills that they will use throughout their entire lives.

One of these important social skills is conflict resolution and sharing with others. As you may have noticed, it can be common for little ones to fight when they play together or interact in different scenarios. This is where you come in.

Just like you help your little one learn to walk, talk, count, etc., it is very important that you help him learn to interact with other children.

Here are some tips to help your little one improve their social skills:

  • Set limits and rules for each interaction. If you have noticed that your little one finds it difficult to share his toys, for example, establish rules before the game or activity begins. Tell your little one that he can have a toy for a certain amount of time and then he will have to share it with a friend.
  • Correct their behavior: if you see that your little one finds it difficult to share and refuses to do so, fights over a toy or takes something from another child, tell them that this is not okay and model appropriate behavior. Remember that it can be very difficult for a child under 3 years old to share without your help, so help your little one learn.
  • Show your little one how to share. Model the behavior you would like to see in your little one and reinforce it every time he or she gets it right. Your example will help your little one understand what to do.
  • Talk to your little one about sharing. When your little one is older, explain why it is important to share and learn to have fun with other children.

Be sure to consult your pediatrician if you have any additional questions about your little one’s interactions with other children.

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