Why do little ones want to put everything in their mouths?

One of the concerns parents have when their little ones are young is that they put everything they find into their mouths. As annoying or dangerous as this behavior may seem, it’s normal and it’s important to understand why your little one is doing this.

From the time your little one is born until about 6 months of age, they are learning to use their muscles and to perform actions such as grasping and chewing and therefore he will want to put everything in their mouth. Although this can be annoying, allowing your little one to chew and bite objects will help them strengthen the muscles they will use later to talk and eat solid food.

In addition, remember that little ones become more curious about their environment as they grow up and putting things in their mouths is their way of exploring and learning what exists around them. This is especially relevant for 1 to 2 year olds, who are in a phase of constant exploration.

Once your little one begins to show this behavior, it is very important that you make sure not to leave anything dangerous near them that they can put in their mouth. Check that there are no small or sharp objects or any chemical substances that could hurt your little one with their reach.

Your little one’s mission is to learn and explore and yours is to guarantee a healthy and safe environment in which they can do it.

Consult your pediatrician if you have any additional questions.

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