Where can I get help if I have any concerns

Understanding and navigating assessment diagnosis, therapy and intervention services can be complex. However, through receiving the appropriate service your child can benefit significantly.

The experience of your family will differ from many others depending on your child’s diagnoses and support needs. The most important step is to start early!

The typical early childhood intervention journey includes assessment, diagnosis and early intervention.

If you have any concerns or questions about your child’s development, you should consult a professional immediately, don’t wait.

There are different ways to get answers to your questions:

  • Calling the Child Health Line dedicated phone number 02 – 419 4983 for immediate answers
  • Consulting with your child’s paediatrician via email or an appointment for consultation
  • Download the Abu Dhabi Early Intervention Guide to find out more about early intervention and available services for young children

It is important to remember, having a loving, stable and responsive relationship is fundamental to your toddler’s development.

The more experiences your toddler has with you there to support them, the more your child grows and thrives.

When your child feels safe and attached to you, your child is more likely to have the confidence to explore their world. Playing with your toddler strengthens your relationship and encourages your toddler to explore, observe, experiment and solve problems.

If you have any concerns with your child’s development, you can find out more by accessing the Early Childhood Authority’s website at www.eca.gov.ae or contact the Child Health Line on 024194983. Operated by Mubadala Health (available 10:00 am -18:00 pm).


This initiative is a collaboration between the Early Childhood Authority, Mubadala and Mubadala Health

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