The World Upside Down


  • Stimulate the development of your little one’s sense of sight.


  • Your baby
  • Your arms
  • Colorful toys
  • Flashcards or pieces of paper with pictures on them
  • Toys or objects that emit light or sound


It’s lovely to be able to carry, hug, and caress your little one. Take advantage of these moments to stimulate his or her senses as well.

Before starting, prepare the materials you will use: colorful toys, flashcards, objects that emit light and sounds, etc. Place these objects in different areas around the room to make different stations.

Now pick up your little one and tell him or her something nice. Explain that you’re going to play and give your little one a loving kiss.

Carry your little one with his or her body supported by your arms and his or head looking toward the ground. 

Start by walking slowly around the room explaining to your little one what he or she can see. Now take a break, return to where you started, and tell your little one something lovely with a big smile on your face.

After a few minutes start walking around the room again, but this time walk to a station with objects on the floor. Get your little one’s attention and point out an object that he or she can see from above. Give your little one a bit of time to rest and congratulate him or her for having observed the toys from above. You can repeat this activity two or three times, taking time to rest between each time.

This game helps to stimulate the sense of sight in addition to developing your little’s one’s ability to concentrate, balance, and feel safe and confident with you.

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