Textile/Tactile: Weaving Together

Weaving is an ancient art form that is used around the world. Weaving is the process that constructs our complex cloths, rugs, and tapestries, but weavings can be made from something as simple as paper. In this webinar, parents will learn to make simple looms from common materials such as cardboard, paper, and string, and create woven artwork collaboratively with their children. Weaving encourages integration and fine motor skills through repetitive actions 
. Through an exploration of materials, parents and children can explore diverse textures and build tactile vocabularies. Children of all ages, stages, and abilities can create woven artworks and practice making choices, developing patterns, and combining texture and color. By collaborating together, parents and children can create a weaving that celebrates their family by incorporating diverse parts together into one whole piece. 

Textile_Tactile_Weaving Together.pdf


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