Story making and story sharing – A Journey to the Sea!

Three webinars to help parents to prepare to make a fictional journey to an imaginary world with their children. And to have great times dealing with what they find on the way there as well as what they will get up to when they take to the waves in the boat that is waiting for them. A family friendly, easy to follow guide into the world of play in which 
mothers, fathers, grandparents, carers and family friends will be helped to make stories, invent characters, go on adventures, face dangers and celebrate their victories! 
In this first webinar you will be offered examples of how to set off on a fictional journey into an imaginary world. It will be different from your own world. Map-making, singing, planning, making lists, making promises, deciding what to take with you, taking your first steps on the journey and lots more. When you are with your children after this webinar you will be ready to step into that new world with them, to explore mountains, valleys, rivers and all sorts of places on your journey together. You will map out the route together ready to be on your way after the second webinar.   

A Journey to the Sea – Get Ready! 1.pdf


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