Story making and story sharing – A journey to the Sea – Out into The Waves. Part C"

Using the picture of the sea and the soundscape you will have created together since last time we met, you will be helped to plan how to bring the adventure to a close but not before you have faced more challenges together. You will be helped to create a path down to the harbour where there’s only one boat. All the others will have already gone fishing.

Fortunately, that boat is just big enough for you together. When you get on board, you’ll find a number of messages asking you to set sail out onto the waves. Of course, you will not know how best to do this but the rest of your family will! As you go further and further out to sea you will open the next message and the next one and the next one and you will follow the instructions. It won’t be easy but you are together. Whirlpools. sea caves, dangerous rocks, mermaids

You will have to face all these and more before you return to land. Will you be safe? Let’s find out! 

A journey to the Sea – Out Onto The Waves 1 – .pdf
A journey to the Sea – Out Onto The Waves 2 – .pdf
A journey to the Sea – Out Onto The Waves 3 – .pdf

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