Starting Nursery and/or Managing Separation Anxiety With Toddlers

Starting a new routine is hard on Mom and tot!

Give your little one time to adjust to their new normal.  Remember, they\’ve spent every day of the past 18-24 months of their life alongside you.

You are their normal—her security.  They\’e probably not going to give you up too easily!  You can’t expect them to shift their trust and security to a new person in only a few days.  Whether you’re transitioning to a nursery, daycare, or a nanny, expect your toddler to slowly-but-gradually adjust to the new arrangement.  They will get more used to being without you in due time.

But in the beginning, it’s hard for them to grasp the concept of you returning.  All they see is Mama leaving.  They need time to form new patterns and learn that you come back for them.

Here are some go-to tips for managing your toddler’s separation anxiety:

  • Set a goodbye routine with them each time you leave.
  • Say a real goodbye and don’t sneak out. Unexpected disappearances just cause toddlers added anxiety and confusion.
  • Tell them you will see them in X amount of hours.
  • Before you leave, spend a few minutes playing with them and their nanny/teacher to transition them.
  • Upon returning, tell them you came back just like you said you would. This teaches them what to expect day-in and day-out.

Source: 360 Moms

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