Spotlighting Movement During the Pandemic - The Foundations of learning - Part 3"

Movement interventions and programs that support children of determination: Evidence based practice and narratives.

“Movement is at the heart of childhood development and is much more important than most people realize. In special consideration of these unprecedented times of restricted movement and social distancing it has never been more important to gain a deeper understanding of this topic to be able to best support all children, in particular children of determination who are likely to have missed out on this key area of growth during this period”.

The Movement Works mini-resource pack will provide relevant

perspectives and the scientific principles of the relationship of movement to child development and learning – information that all parents should know! Together with this background, various activities will be described/illustrated which are designed to be impactful for the current situation and beyond. These activities support all children to thrive and are especially helpful for children with learning delay/additional needs. 

The Foundations of learning – Part 3.pdf

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