Sibling Feuds

A constant concern for parents who have two or more children are the fights they have. It is common to hear parents talking about their little ones fighting, hitting each other, and screaming. Despite how worrisome it may be, it is important that you know that this is something that many families struggle with. The important thing is that you learn to handle it and correct your children so that these behaviors decrease.

Fights occur between siblings for multiple reasons such as the little ones competing for attention from their parents or caregivers, children feeling the need to differentiate themselves from their siblings, or big differences between the maturity levels of siblings.

To handle these fights and foster positive relationships between siblings, we recommend:

  • Spending quality time with each of your little ones separately.
  • Never comparing your little ones with each other or expecting them to act the same or like the same things.
  • Celebrating the differences between your little ones.
  • Creating opportunities for your little ones to work together and have to help each other.
  • Making family plans so that all family members have fun together.
  • Giving each of your little ones space so that they can give their opinion and they feel they are taken into account.
  • Being fair to your children and giving them the same punishments when they break the rules. 
  • Teaching your children to handle their conflicts in a non-violent way. Talk to them about how to relate to their siblings.
  • Identifying if fights occur at a specific time of the day so that you can think about making a change in your routine.

Remember to consult your pediatrician if you have additional questions about your children’s relationship with each other.

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