Painting with Salt!


  • Develop precision in the movement of the hands to make an artistic creation.


  • 2 sheets of cardboard or paper to paint on
  • Liquid white glue
  • Salt
  • Fingerpaints
  • Droppers or paint brushes


To start, each of you should take a piece of paper or cardboard and use the glue to make drawing, lines, write something, or whatever you like! We recommend using the glue like a pencil.

Next, cover the glue completely with salt and shake off any excess. Now the drawing is ready for some color! Take the dropper or the paint brush and let the paint fall onto the salt (the paint should be pretty fluid for best results).

You can watch as the salt absorbs the paint and runs over your drawing. If you use different colors, they’ll mix together creating awesome results and colors. 

Being able to make fast, precise finger movements is the last goal of motor development, under the Proximodistal Principle. This principle states that the movement of large muscle groups that are closer to the trunk of the body (like shoulders) develop before parts of the body that are further from the trunk (like fingers). It’s important to engage in activities that help your little one achieve small, precise finger movements because they will be the last and most complicated skills to develop.


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