Music for Smart Babies


  • Dedicate a relaxing musical moment to create mother-child connections.


  • A speaker
  • A quiet, classical music playlist


This activity is very simple, but it offers many benefits to you and your baby. 

  • To begin with you need to choose a comfortable and tranquil place, such as a garden or the living room of your home.
  • Caress your tummy and explain to your baby that it is time to listen to music. Play the music and sit down and enjoy it for a moment. Close your eyes if you wish, and try to imagine all the beautiful adventures you will live with your little one.

Play classical music for an hour on weekends, and spend a few minutes doing it every day.

Sounds with rhythm and melody stimulate your baby’s development before birth. They stimulate the development of language and auditory perception. In addition, it is a nice activity to create a secure attachment and connection with your baby.

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