Learning to Sit Down


  • Maintain a sitting posture without help or support for more than a few seconds.


  • Pillows


With this activity your little one will strengthen their back muscles starting with the sitting position.

Before you start, you need to make sure you prepare the place where you will work with your little one, remember that you need to create a comfortable environment. You can put your little one on a rug, a soft blanket or on the bed.

  • Lie your little one on their stomach next to some pillows and massage their back to stimulate them, then turn them around and massage their shoulders. 
  • Then, sit them on top of a pillow. You can show them a balloon or an eye-catching object to get their attention, or sing a song to them. 
  • After a few minutes lay them down to let them rest and then sit them up again, but now using two pillows to experience a more upright position. Then help them sit for a few seconds without the help of the pillows and after have them lie down again.
  • Repeat this activity two or three times.


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