Investigating the Quality of Pre-K3 Educators and Classrooms in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi

Principal Investigator: Dr Nagla Ali, Emirates College for Advanced Education

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This project has been approved by the Internal Review Board offices of the Emirates College of Advanced Education, the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge, and the Emirates Schools Establishment.

The purpose of this survey is to help us understand the workplace experiences of Early Childhood (Pre-K3) educators in Abu Dhabi. It is part of a research project that explores how Pre-K3 educators in Abu Dhabi are trained, their qualifications, work conditions, and overall well-being. By taking this survey, you will contribute data that will help us develop solutions to address the issues and challenges faced by Early Childhood educators in Abu Dhabi and improve their work, welfare, and the education received by children in the Emirate.

In addition to the survey, our study also draws on statistical analysis and on the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) to assess classroom quality.

The survey you are invited to participate in is anonymous and all data is stored as per Abu Dhabi’s data protection policies.

Importance to Abu Dhabi: The outcomes of this research study will provide insights on opportunities to further improve the working conditions of Pre-K3 educators in order to increase job satisfaction rates among early childhood educators, which will in turn lead to an improvement in classroom quality. Additionally, this research study’s findings will help inform policymakers and practitioners of the issues and challenges faced by pre-K3 educators, helping to shape evidence-based strategies to overcome them.

Summary: This research study uses a mixed method approach to provide a clear and comprehensive understanding of the quality of current knowledge, skills, qualification, preparations, level of training, professional development, and well-being (work engagement, satisfaction including the roles, salaries, benefits, working hours, working environments and conditions, etc.) of Pre-K3 Educators in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi

Research Team:
Dr Nagla Ali: Principal Investigator
Prof Shaljan Areepattamannil
Dr Shereen Sharaan
Dr Hanadi Nabih Kadbey
Dr Rehab Al Hakamni
Ms Amina Juma Al Jasmi

Point of contact: Dr Nagla Ali,

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