Healthy Use of Technology Guidelines

Healthy Use of Technology Guidelines

Screens are part of our everyday life and it is important to acknowledge the need for a healthy, balanced screen exposure diet. The key is understanding the harmful effects that screens can have on our children and balance it with healthy exposure limits.

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  1. Very good initiative to reduce the screening time for both the parents and kids, and it is also helping to improve the family bonding time.

    Really hope this campaign can encourage more people to put down their phones and spend quality time together.

  2. الفكره ممتازه جداً استمتعت بوقتي مع اطفالي و اخواتي.. نشكركم على المبادزه الرائعه

  3. I found it nice and interesting, my girls enjoyed it big time and it is really engaging.

    Thank you for such a huge fun.

  4. Wonderful idea to provide less screen time and activities for all ages to play together and enjoy puzzle solving