Have You Prepared Your Children For The Digital World?

Relating smart technology devices to anything that affects the child’s academic performance, behavior, or even eating habits is a norm among 21st-century parents. Generally, technology and the digital world are often linked to being a ‘leisure-time’ activity and that is where things are starting to get rocky.

It is no news that technology is tremendously taking-over different aspects of our lives, and this is why parenting the current generation requires extra attention and care. Parents need to be on-top of the new inventions in the digital world and be aware of what to expect from the future. But, how can parents guide their kids when they don’t know much about living in a constantly changing digital world? How can a parent openly admit that they don’t know something to their kids? Here are few tips that might guide you out of your dilemma:

·       It’s okay to admit you don’t speak digital

Parents, there is no shame in learning new things; even if it means admitting that you don’t know something in the digital world to your kids. Try to create an open dialogue where you have a friendly discussion with your children regarding the digital world, specifically social media and its trends. Your children will feel more comfortable speaking to you and sharing their experiences only if you show interest in the digital world they’re living in!

·       Social media do’s and don’ts

Social media has weaved into our lives as an important communication tool. But, with ‘internet celebrities’ being on the rise, you might have hasty thoughts like “I will not let them join these channels” etc. Hold on to your thoughts, as this will do more harm than good. Instead of forbidding them to join these channels, teach them about the importance of posting responsibly and how just because they can post freely not everything can be discussed on an online platform. Most importantly, talking about ‘online fame’ to the current generation is vital as they should understand the fact that fame in online platforms doesn’t equal to real-life success in most cases.

·       Don’t boycott, but encourage moderation

Create an environment at home where children comprehend the concept of ‘moderation’ when it comes to using gadgets. This is a very important skill which kids of today’s world must master in order to succeed in the future.  Studies have also shown that excessive media use can lead to attention problems, school difficulties, sleep and eating disorders. And with digital tools being incorporated in education, children should understand how to responsibly monitor their screen-time to make the best use of educational technology.

·       Children observe you more than they listen to you

Parents, you must monitor your usage of gadgets and technology. You should keep in mind that children, especially toddlers and babies, observe and learn more from your behavior and practices. Put away your phones during play-time, meal-time or when you’re spending time with family, try to practice what you want them to learn. You are and will always be their ideal throughout their life!

You must be wondering now if you should start purchasing the latest tech or gadgets for your kids? The answer is no. Yes, ‘technology’ is the future, but there will always be something new and better is invented. Your role as a parent is to raise smart advocates of technology who know and understand how to adapt to technology as a phenomenon and not just be smart-users of technology. If you start educating them from young, they will be responsible tech-users who can differentiate between that good and bad in technology. Parents, it’s your call now; are you ready to prepare your kids for the future?

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