Folding Towels


  • Fold towels to foster independence.


  • Small towels


With this activity your little one will be building independence, stimulating fine motor skills and learning the movements and directions necessary to learning to read and write.

The nice thing about this activity is that you can make it part of your routine at when getting dressed and undressed. 

Prepare small towels for your little one, a hand towel-size is best.

Tell your little one you need help folding clothes. Show your little one the towel and fold it as follows:

  • Place the extended towel on a surface in front of you, at a distance that your little one can see without difficulty.
  • With your right hand take the top left corner of the towel, and with the left hand take the bottom left corner of the towel.
  • Bring both corners to the right side. This way you will have folded it in half from left to right.
  • Then take the two upper corners and fold the towel from top to bottom. Then you’ll have folded it into four parts. Important! This movement is key, because this is how your little one begins to understand the movement necessary to learn to read and write. Left to right and top to bottom.

Now give your little one a towel and ask for help. Let your little one try first, but if you see that your little one has difficulty show how to do it again, without correcting the mistake.

I’m sure the first few times will be difficult for your little one, but with practice your little one will succeed very soon.



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