Follow your Child’s Development

Please find a selection of articles on child development and parenting for 12 and 18 months old children below. If you have any questions or concerns with your child’s development, contact the Child Health Line on 024194983 Operated by Mubadala Health (available 10:00 am -18:00 pm).

Understanding my 12 month old toddlers’ development
How to strengthen your bond with your toddler?
Understanding my 18 month old toddler’s development
5 easy ways to playfully parent
When to seek help from my paediatrician about my 12 month old?
When to seek help from my paediatrician for my 18 month old?
5 activities to help grow your toddler’s imagination
Indoor activities to do with my 12 month old toddler
Indoor activities to do with my 18 month old toddler
If I am tired, then how can I get my toddler to sleep?
Where can I get help if I have any concerns
Three simple ways I can further my toddler’s language development
The article all parents must read if your toddler is under two and is around screens


This initiative is a collaboration between the Early Childhood Authority, Mubadala and Mubadala Health


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  1. Useful and valuable information on the developmental milestones and what to look for (both what the child is and is not doing). Helpful information. Thanks for the excellent play tips!

  2. ساهم هذا المقال بإثراء معلوماتي حول كيفية التعامل مع الطفل 18 شهر و وجدت الإفادة بنصائح اللعب مع الطفل و أهميتها خصوصا مع مشاغل الحياة اليومية ومتابعة أطفال في عمر المدرسة وخلال ذلك اللعب نتمكن من متابعة تطور نمو الطفل

  3. We need guideline for new mothers that has tricks of raising their children. It shall include also the beneficial activities for the kids and their parents within Abu Dhabi and the locations of those places.