Early Intervention and children of determination awareness sessions

  • Families: The Key to Effective Early Childhood Intervention Webinar Series consists of four, 90 minute webinars delivered till September, 2022 in collaboration with Georgetown University. The webinars will increase awareness and knowledge of contemporary early childhood intervention for children of determination or those at risks developmental delays and their families. 

    The webinars described are based on the theoretical and practical framework of the Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development (GU CCHD) that is applied to all our endeavors. The program is grounded in a core set of values that:

    • Engage families, youth, and consumers in the development, implementation, and evaluation of GU CCHD activities;
    • Ensure cultural and linguistic competence in our work and the systems we support; and
    • Promote approaches that are family and child-centered, culturally and linguistically competent, community-based, integrated, strength-based, and inclusive.


    The webinars will provide a foundation of contemporary practices related to children of determination. The webinars offer practical, effective, and sustainable strategies that promote the participation of children of determination in all family and community activities.


    The webinars will help caregivers and professionals to create a partnership to use everyday activities and routines as learning opportunities.  The webinars will focus on helping families promote engagement and participation in family activities.


    Early intervention systems across the globe are challenged to include families in all aspects of intervention and empower them to be collaborate with providers to meet the needs of their children within the context of their family. The webinars described below apply the principles of evidence-based, culturally competent, family centered early intervention practices.


    Objectives of Families: The Key to Effective Early Childhood Intervention webinar series

    Participants who attend the webinar series will be able to:

    1. Describe major developmental milestones that occur in the first 5 years of life;
    2. Describe major components of contemporary service delivery to young children of determination;
    3. Describe how to partner with the early intervention service providers; and
    4. Describe how best to engage children in everyday activities.


    1. Contemporary Early Childhood Intervention: This webinar will introduce critical frameworks guiding contemporary practices and the science behind development, learning, and behavior. We will explore the foundations of and the science behind the field of early intervention. Topics will include brain development, developmental milestones, and the importance of an integrated approach to learning and developing. Date 11.08.2022.


    1. Providing Services in the Natural Environment: Partnering with Caregivers: Providing services and supports within naturally occurring learning opportunities is a key to effective early intervention. This webinar will discuss conducting a routines based interview, creating functional meaningful outcomes, and the 5-step coaching process. Date 18.08.2022, at 02:30 pm. To attend the session, click here


    1. Evidence-based Practices: Learning through Everyday Activities: This session will discuss practices that promote child engagement in activities, communication, and participation. Topics will include: differentiated instruction, play, modifications/adaptations and assistive technology, practice, toys, etc. Date 25.08.2022, at 02:30 pm.

    To attend the session, click here


    1. Inclusion: This webinar will present the ongoing evolution of the early childhood intervention system from inclusion to participation to belonging. Essential elements necessary to bring about meaningful participation in everyday activities in the community will be presented leading to a discussion on the changing role of the early childhood interventionist and key implications for the early childhood system of care. Date 01.09.2022, at 02:30 pm.


    To attend the session, click here

The key to effective Early Childhood Intervention – Practitioners

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