College of Education Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Program Description

Development from birth to 8 years happens faster than at any other stage in life. It is vital that educators and those working with young children know how to provide the best support for physical, intellectual, psychological, and social development. The MEd in Early Childhood Education prepares students to lead the way in evidence based practice to meet the needs of young children.


Program Rationale

It is accepted in the eld that the early childhood period (0-8 years) sets the stage for all future development across the lifespan. Experiences and development in the early years has a profound

impact on the child’s social, academic and psychological future development, being, in e ect, the building block for future success. As such, it is essential that those working in early childhood are appropriately skilled to facilitate children’s optimal development.


Program Objectives

  1. Prepare competent teacher educators and professionals in ECE
  2. Provide periodic refresher training for practicing teacher educators and ECE personnel working in leadership positions
  3. Institutionalize greater professionalism in ECE teacher education
  4. Prepare personnel for monitoring, mentoring and supervising ECE practitioners


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