Blind Little Chicken


  • Catch other players using only the tactile and auditory senses.


  • A scarf or handkerchief to cover the eyes


This fun activity will help your little one develop haptic and auditory perception, improve their balance and coordination, and stimulate social skills such as patience and following the rules of a game.

If it is a sunny day this is an excellent activity to do with your little one. Just invite them to play, grab a handkerchief or scarf and go out to the garden or patio. It is better to do this activity outdoors.

Explain the rules of the game to your little one:

  • One player must have their eyes covered with the handkerchief so that they can not see.
  • The other player should turn the “blind chicken” around three times  and then run away.
  • “The blind chicken”, that is, the player with the covered eyes must try to catch the other player, without looking or removing the handkerchief.
  • The player who does not have their eyes covered can make sounds so it is easier for the blindfolded player to find them.
  • If there are more than 2 players, “the blind chicken” should guess who they have caught just by touching that player’s face and not looking.

This activity is an excellent game to play with family and spend time together.

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