Abu Dhabi Early Intervention Guide

Abu Dhabi Early Intervention Guide

This guide will provide information on early childhood intervention services that are available to families for children with development delays or disabilities in Abu Dhabi

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  1. تحياتي لكم جميعا

    انا وفاء عاشور مديرة دائرة التطوير والجودة في الادارة العامة لرياض الاطفال ارغب في الاطلاع على الدليل الخاص بكم حول

    دمتم بكل خير

  2. Dears,
    I am fond of Early intervention program, I was one of the people who headed such a program in Jeddah. If I can be helpful to you, please don’t hesitate to contact me

  3. A very good center is missed out on your list. Intercare Health Center .
    Have all these centers been verified and checked for quality?

  4. I appreciate if you apply guidelines and support services not only focusing on children, but also thinking about all age groups who are People of Determination(POD) or so called disabled people because any person can become disabled at anytime in their life.
    Also, please be kind enough to provide welfare services to all POD people, both local and non local, because they are in UAE with reasons and with god’s wish. Inshaallah