A Super-Mom or A Career Woman? 5 Tips from a Mompreneur

Superfoods, Super Boss, Superbabies, Super-Moms and the list goes on! What is with the obsession of being super? Who judges if you are a super mom? Who sits on the jury? What are the requirements? When did you or I apply to this contest?

What I am, in reality, is not a Super-mom; I am just a tiny bit organized woman driven by this superpower you get when you get your own children “Love”.

I have gone through phases like each one of you, questioning if what I am doing is worth it, if this is what women were born to do. I have a full-time job, care for a newborn, take care of the husband and keep the family together while wearing the newest edition of lipstick, have a spot-on face contour and a pair of uncomfortable trendy heels.

We started Bookanyservice.com mid-2015 and a few months later I found out I was pregnant and gave birth to my precious son “Joe” in April 2016. Some-time later, here we are continuing strong in growing the business and preparing to expand into different sectors and markets.

Here I am again, 6 months pregnant and looking forward to meeting our gorgeous little “Alexa”. No one said it’s easy, but if I can do it, you surely can too.

I’ve listed 5 essential things that help me run a business and a family and stay SANE:

Plan, plan & plan

Most importantly we must plan and follow it! We all tend to feel this rush of wanting to be organized, we grab a brand-new notebook and start a to-do list but end up having so many to do lists that never get done. I can not stress how important it is to plan and push yourself to follow it.

Focus on one thing at a time

Learn to detach yourself from home when at work and vice versa. When at work, make sure you are fully dedicated to finishing your tasks and focus. Don’t spend your time watching the home camera and feeling nostalgic which then turns into guilt watching someone care for your child. When at work FOCUS! Do not let the guilt get to you. Always remind yourself that you want to be a role model for your son or daughter and you want to be a successful person. You also want to be able to provide for them the best schooling, health care, and family vacations. By working, you are contributing to their and your well-being. In addition to the fact that working keeps you motivated to look good, it also improves your skills and helps you become a happier, more achieved person. Try sitting at home in your pajamas for 2 weeks… and let me know how you feel!

Make time for YOU

No matter what is going on around you, remember that you need to be in good shape to be able to care for others. By good shape, I mean mentally. Your mental health is so important. Hair, make-up, facials, and exercise always help boost your mental health. You deserve time off from your busy schedule to get a mani-pedi and detach from it all. This is a must and not an elective.

 Choose the right life-partner

If you have children already, it’s probably too late and I hope that you chose someone understanding, appreciative of women, loves their family, not afraid of diapers and cleaning poo-poo. When dating, you look for the hottest and coolest bad boy around and hope to tame them into the best family man out there. Wake up! This combination doesn’t exist. Look for someone consistent, realistic, positive and caring. Look for someone that shares the same dreams of making a family and wants to provide and care for that unit. It’s especially vital that you find someone who understands that supporting your career is as equally important as working hard for his.

 Asking for help is highly encouraged​​

You are not able to focus at work, having fall outs with colleagues, dragging yourself to work, picking fights with your partner, you forgot why you have to wake up at night to breastfeed and put the child back to sleep. Time to ask for help from people who love you. It can either be your mother, sister, mother in law or close friend. Time to divide the basic tasks again. You must come first for yourself because if you aren’t in the best shape, your family will only suffer. A happy child is a result of a happy family and a happy family is very much influenced by a happy mother. Do not hesitate to ask for help, it is totally fine, you can’t do everything on your own. Asking for help does not make you any less a Super Mom than you already are.

All Moms are super in their own different way, act from the heart and be nice to yourself and everything will be alright. Oh, and use bookanyservice.com, it was created by mothers for mothers to help you be organized and get things done.

*bookanyservice.com is an active service in UAE only.


Source: 360Moms

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