7 Tips to Help Your Children Step Out of their Comfort Zone

Through our one to one coaching we meet lot of parents who tell us that their kid is hesitant about trying new things or stepping out of his comfort zone or is limited with his dreams. So, we usually work with the kid by teaching him how his mind works and explaining for him what is the belief system and how it affects his decisions.

Let’s face the truth first, sometimes we as parents are not creating the safe environment for children to ignite, we raise the bar too high which puts them under pressure and fear of failure. And these situations are recorded directly in the child’s belief system and lives with him all the way through adulthood.

Most people don’t know that they have the power over thinking and what is possible or given the tools to help them achieve their greatest dreams. Instead, limiting beliefs and limited thinking are passed from generation to generation, often subconsciously.

So here are some guidelines and tips for parents to help their kids step out of their comfort zones:

1.      Work with your child to understand why it is hard, not every child nor every situation is the same. It’s really important to understand why it is hard for him to try something new.

2.      Help your child choose the right steps for starting something new.

3.      Actions speak louder than words, be a role model for your child. Children build their beliefs according to what they observe and not what they hear. For example: choose a book for your child’s current reading level, that will encourage him to read more and build new skills and not to overwhelm him.

4.      Look for possibilities to help your child create new possibilities, for example, when you hear the phrases “I can’t…”, “it’s difficult to….”, “I don’t know how…”, then take the opportunity and teach him how to get out of his comfort zone.

5.      Help your child focus on his positive beliefs which will boost his self-confidence and open new possibilities for him.

6.      Encourage your child to take risks and that it is ok to make mistakes and fail as long as he is trying something new and outside the norm.

7.      Let your child celebrate his success.

As a parent, you want your child to succeed and dare to step out of his comfort zone. It’s not an easy path, try to keep the balance and move slowly, and be that person your child takes inspiration from and rely on.

Source: www.360moms.net

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