10 Tried and Tested Tips From Mothers on Potty Training

I sourced the best “go-to” tips from moms that have experienced potty training to offer some firsthand experience on what it may be like. Some extremely helpful advice is offered below. Here are my top 10 picks!

·        Do not listen to the doubts in your head! One mom thought her son would never learn how to use the potty, but he just suddenly did. Keep the faith, it WILL happen!

·        If you can, try potty training in the summer. The more naked, the better for you and your toddler. It helps them feel freer and assists in using the potty right away.

·        Talk to your child about potty use, help them understand what will happen.

·        Let them see you and their daddy use the potty.

·        It is okay to use small rewards- stickers and candy worked miracles for some moms.

·        Let them lead– one mom reported one of her sons was about 18 months when she started, he was ready and asked to take his diaper off. Her second child was a little bit older when she started with him, so it is important to remember, there’s no rule. Each child is different!

·        Focus on potty training during the day only and then she slowly worked on nighttime potty use.

·        Do not be embarrassed to take the portable potty EVERYWHERE.

·        When your child has an accident (which is bound to happen and normal) one mom stated that she very calmly used to say, “it’s okay, next time we won’t have an accident.” The mom never threatened or got upset during these instances.

·        Keep a potty around at an early age! Encourage their use of it and exploration. The sooner they see it as an everyday object in the home, the more readily they can use it.

Source: www.360moms.net

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