Coding for kids

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Research shows that teaching children computational thinking skills like logic, mathematics, patterns, etc.
Coding can be seen as a developmental learning tool that helps children gain verbal skills, creativity and increase social and linguistics communication.


No previous experience needed.


Our courses teach text-based coding so kids learn to program like a real developer.


Kids learn coding in an engaging and rewarding environment that utilizes gaming elements.

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Code Jr.

This course will teach kindergartners the basics of coding with progression of gaming challenges using block based method. They will build a set of visual coding instructions to help find the treasure chest ​

Beaver Achiever

This course will stimulate young students to learn essential coding skills. The students will use coding blocks to help complete different tasks.​

DoDo Does Math

This course will offer students a way to practice math as they code in CoffeeScript. In Each Challenge students will have different math problem that they need to solve using coding. ​