Shared insights in action

Athar is a design-thinking studio within the ECA to reimagine the way in which Abu Dhabi interacts with and caters to the wellbeing of its children, parents and caregivers.

The studio engages with diverse local and international stakeholders to equip project teams with the tools and capabilities to address the continuously evolving needs of the community.

Foundational Pillars


Respond to the direct needs of the Abu Dhabi community


Utilize evidence and research-based insights


Leverage human-centric and design inspired methodologies


Focus on collaboration and knowledge transfer


Series 01:

How might we empower parent involvement in child development​ and increase parent-child quality time

Partnered with Al Jana’en School and Jack and Jill Nursery in Al Ain to provide 30 families with in-person learning session on ECA priority topics and/or interactive play-based activity boxes in collaboration with local early childhood development startups.

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Do you or your organization want to enhance parent-child engagement and playtime?

Download our Implementation Guide to easily and effectively create and deliver early childhood development (ECD) in-person learning sessions for parents to attend with their children.


Don’t have the resources or space to deliver in-person sessions?

Not to worry – you can still share the value of the Athar modules with your parents and caregivers by sharing the link to our Athar digital experience on the ECA Parents Platform!