Innovative tools to enhance children’s mental and behavioural development

In support of the preventive and precautionary measures already being taken by the UAE government to ensure the safety of students during this time, the Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority (ECA) is offering parents and caregivers free access to a package of innovative tools to enhance the mental and behavioral development of their children.

The ECA is also encouraging parents to dedicate enough time in their daily routine to reinforce children’s mental, behavioral and physical development and is providing them with a set of tips through their social media channels. 

Parents’ care for children, especially under the age of eight, is very important and they should find time to talk and play with them, which will help strengthen children’s self-confidence.

The authority praised the government’s decision to start the spring break early, under the framework of relevant preventive measures, and announced its support for three digital platforms that specialize in the development of young children’s capacities and skills.

The first tool is ‘Lamsa’, the children’s edutainment app with Arabic language activities, built around an educational framework for children, via games and content pieces. 

ECA also offers Afinidata, an Artificial Intelligence chatbox that provides parents with the opportunity to create engaging educational activities for their children, as well as Kinedu, a baby development application that utilises video-based activities and games for learning.

The ECA is encouraging parents to engage with their child when accessing these applications and to assess the benefits on their development. Moreover, it is encouraging parents to only engage with these applications once they have completed the UAE mandated at-home curriculum requirements.

The unlimited premium free access to the applications will end on April 9, 2020...

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