ECA encourages organizations who have earned the Parent-friendly Label to apply to progress to earn Parent-friendly Label+

Abu Dhabi – May 24, 2024: With 100 days left to apply to earn the Parent-friendly Label (PFL), the Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority (ECA) has reminded all organizations within the semi-governmental, private and the third sectors across the UAE to apply before September 2, 2024. ECA also invited the Label Earners from previous cycles to apply to earn the next level of the Label, the “Parental-friendly+”, where applicants are assessed on whether their policies meet or  exceed global standards in parent-friendliness.

The UAE-wide voluntary workplace award program aims to encourage organizations to adopt parent-friendly policies and a supportive work environment, which ultimately leads to positive outcomes for their organizations, employees, children, and society.

Organizations can check their eligibility online and apply here: https://eca.gov.ae/ar/parent-friendly-cycle-3/how-to-apply/. Organizations can also review the Applicant Handbook, which carries details about the program, its benefits, the application journey, and assessment criteria.

Since its launch in 2021, the PFL program has positively impacted the lives of more than 148,000 employees, 50,000 children aged between 0 and 8, including 1,492 Children of Determination, and around 67,000 parents working across 25 different sectors.

In Cycle 2, the program received 75 applications, which were reviewed and assessed by an independent judging panel to ensure transparency and impartiality resulting in 12 organizations earning the Label.

The PFL program aims to enable a work environment where parents can flourish professionally and at the same time balance their caregiving responsibilities. The program recognizes organizations that offer flexible work arrangements for parents of young children, understand the needs of families, welcome back new mothers and fathers and  go above and beyond requirements of the UAE Labor Law for maternity leave, paternity leave and other policies. In addition to earning the Label, organizations that apply parent-friendly policies in their workplace stand out in the market and are able to attract and retain talent, and can see increased employee engagement and productivity, enhanced employee well-being, which ultimately contributes to increased profitability.

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